About us

At Jake’s Soul Food Cafe, we offer the best of both worlds: Southern Style Soul Food and Classic Caribbean Dishes. Nestled in a shopping center off of John Hawkins Parkway in Hoover, we’ve grown to be a local sensation.

Known for our Jamaican jerk chicken, stewed oxtails, pork chops, and sweet potato casserole, our dining gem is sure to satisfy your appetite.

Our story began in 2014, when Dawn Simmons and her husband Sean Simmons moved to Birmingham. The pair began searching for a restaurant that served the Caribbean foods they always enjoyed- but did not have any luck. With no previous restaurant experience, they took a leap of faith and decided to open their own Caribbean restaurant.

The name, Jake’s, was derived from the owners’ daughter, Amaya, who suggested naming it after Sean’s father- and it worked! The owners reached out to Dawn’s father, Bayne, who lives in Trinidad for the Caribbean recipes, and recruited Sean’s sister Ree, who had worked for 14 years at a restaurant franchise in North Carolina, to be their co-owner and executive chef.

Since our opening in Pelham in 2014, we relocated to Hoover to keep up with the expansion and demand. Currently located on John Hawkins Parkway, Jake’s Soul Food Cafe continues to thrive. Owner Dawn Simmons accounts the growth to social media and word of mouth. She is reminded of her son Johannes passing out flyers and dropping off menus to spread the word. It’s been history since then.

With its popularity and central location, Jake’s has become a regular dining choice for a variety of people from the greater Birmingham area and even celebrities such as actor, Ving Rhames, basketball star, Charles Barkley and many comedians who perform at a nearby comedy club. This is humbling and rewarding for the Jake’s Cafe team- as this is a family business. Restaurant General Manager Sherrell Moore, son of the executive chef, assures us that all customers are treated the same when they come through the door; he ensures that every customer gets their food and is happy with their service.

Our family owned business has not let customers down with quality service and exceptional dishes due to the coronavirus. Rell has adjusted to a new business model with curbside and delivery services and is continuously improving to provide efficient service for all customers.

Whenever you’re in the mood for comforting soul food or delightful Caribbean dishes, Jake’s Soul food cafe is the place to be!